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Looks like you haven't setup your Players list yet. See that 'Add Player' prompt over to the left? Click in there, enter the forum user name you'd like to see raid timers for, and click enter. If there is more than one player you'd like to follow, go ahead and enter another. After a few seconds, if you have entered a player that does not exist in or one that has not been set to Public (see how to set your account to public here), you will see the text 'Private/Invalid' appear next to the player name. Don't expect to see any raid timers for that player.

Once you've got a player listed in the left hand column, you'll notice the Refresh icon turn red. It will do that whenever you have made a change to the player list to indicate that you should refresh the raid timer data. Click there, and your raid timers will start to show up. You can always click that icon to refresh your information from the servers.

Make sure to check out the 'Preferences' page (that little cog in the upper left), to see some of the options that are available to you.




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